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Holidays in Rimini

For holidays in Rimini, we will be your hotel by the sea

Everything changes: seasons, fashions, customs, people's expectations, needs, and also the ability to pay, sometimes. But holidays in Rimini remain for many years a landmark in the desires of many families, a sort of reference point in the collective imagination when thinking about summer and the Romagnola Riviera.

Not by chance is it that right here, moreover, we "invented" a rather unique event like the Notte Rosa (Pink Night), envied by other regions and considered the New Year of the summer.

It is testimony to the experience of those accustomed to handling it, with the summer, for so long. Since the families of northern Italy, and elsewhere, load bag and baggage on the roofs of low cars packed with people to get to the Riviera and swim. The RAI archives are still full of those images, which are now so tender and offer exciting memories.

Fuochi d'Artificio in Riviera
Arco d'Augusto a Rimini centro città
Spiaggia a Rimini
I Castelli della Romagna, San Marino
Vie e Sobborghi del centro storico a Rimini
Spiaggia e Mare al tramonto

It would be great to interview still a great father from Rimini like Federico Fellini and ask what is, all things considered, a holiday in Rimini. Not being able to do so, unfortunately, we have to come here and see for ourselves, even to breathe the same atmosphere of discovery, wonder, sharing and desire to be together.


The 4-star Hotel Luxor is also near the waterfront and makes free bikes available, representing a wonderful choice for the classic beach holiday, however, if you accept a suggestion, you could maybe try to seize one of the last-minute deals that we offer, so you can stop a bit more to learn, besides the much-celebrated beach life, there is also the precious inland, where little touches stand out like Santarcangelo di Romagna, San Marino, San Leo, Gradara, Urbino.

Please ask at reception and we will advise you with all the excitement that residents of Rimini have for their land.

Spiaggia e Mare al tramonto

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