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We will be your 4-star hotel in Rimini, 100 metres from the beach

As we have said in other sections of the site, the nobility and the importance of Rimini have grown over time and are not only related to the sea, but especially thanks to the great appeal of the Fiera and Palacongressi conference centre.

Remains undeniable that many people just love the old spirit of the Romagnola Riviera, i.e. that great contagious climate of friendship, cordiality and friendliness that has made us known throughout Europe.

Intrattenimento e spiagge attrezzate in Riviera Romagnola
Rilassarsi sul Mare di Rimini
Aperitivi nei bar in spiaggia
Divertimento nel Mare della Riviera Romagnola

The beach is the main place where this great atmosphere of joy and love of life occurs. Among other things, just stopping here in the 4-star Hotel Luxor, if you will, there is the opportunity to have the beach service with:

In this way, you can relax without worries, between a blowfly tour, a marbles tournament, a run with the kite, or trying the new frontier of the sport by the sea: Nordic walking on the beach. Without forgetting the legendary tournaments of beach soccer, beach volleyball, bowling, basketball and much more.

Physical activity, sun, sea, tranquillity and the desire to be together: these are the main ingredients of the Rimini beach.

We especially must remember, this is a beach that is very suitable for families with children, since the sea is generally not very rough and the seabed sloped gently, with no abrupt or steep descents. So children can play in the water without any danger, not to mention the legendary lifeguards on the beach in Rimini, who observe everything from behind their watchful, experienced and very friendly glance.

So take advantage of our proximity to the sea to spend the most serene and enjoyable holiday on the beach in Rimini. Just remember not to overuse something as beautiful as the sun. Take adequate sun protection and avoid exposing yourself to the sun during the hottest hours.

Divertimento nel Mare della Riviera Romagnola

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